Revit Technology Conference NA 2015

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This years biggest annual Revit event was held in Washington DC from July 23–25 2015. It attracted more than 150 of the world’s top experts, instructors and bloggers. And I was happy to be able to participate, learn and share ideas and insights with this community of fellow design technology geeks! Meeting these people and seeing there examples inspired me to explore more technologies, methods and workflows to further optimize the use Revit in our office.

Highlights of the RTC NA 2015 event for me where:

Great working examples of virtual reality for Revit from irisVR
export/print automation with RVT tools
DynamoBIM custom node programming in C#
Marcello’s Rotation and Dynamo lecture
inspirational parametric workflow of KPF’s highrise projects
great examples and tips for projectmanagement and detailing with Revit

But the overall best was the great new friends I met in this Revit/Dynamo community! Special thanks to Quoc Pham, Konrad Sobon and Marcello Sgambelluri, you guys inspired me to also share my enthusiasm with others in the BIM world using this website! 🙂

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