Sloped surface patterns in Revit

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Working with hardscapes or sloped floors it sometimes happens that a model pattern will deform or behave strange in Revit. This is often the result of a curved face. Normal manipulation of model patterns (move, align and rotatable) will only apply for straight planes so to fix this unwanted deformation we need to manipulate surface by height points or sketch of the floor.

Enscape for Revit

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Video game engines have a long history to following our latest graphic and display technologies. Their popularity made hardware more powerful and affordable every year, and we have now reached a point where real-time graphic processing engines for games can become a powerful new tool for architectural studies. The folks at Inreal technologies understood this and developed a Revit plugin called Enscape3d, that … Read More

User friendly super families in Revit

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Once you master the Revit Family editor a whole ‘parametric world’ of possibilities opens but how do you make sure that your advanced families can be used by intermediate Revit users and you don’t end up being the only one in the office comfortable of using these super families?