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I’m happy to announce that this year I will be speaking at several international conferences. If you are interested to optimize your use of design technology, want to try an early beta of ArchiSpace or like to meet me in person, you can go to any of the following events. Conferences like these are a valuable source of knowledge to stay informed on the latest developments, learn from your peers and meet the worlds leading specialists and awesome people with a great passion for their work.

Immersive Architecture

Venice, Italy, 2017-06-01 till 2017-06-03

imersive architecture

Two day conference focused on the use of virtual and augmented reality in architecture. During this conference you can learn, discuss and test the latest VR tools of many interesting speakers.

On this event I will talk about the future potential of  VR in architecture. And demonstrate how we currently use virtual reality and other design technologies at Mecanoo to present and to enhance the design process.

On the 4th of June I will also host a 8 hour workshop to teach architectural participants how to start developing their own VR experiences with Unity3d. This class is filling up fast, so be sure to subscribe if you like to join this introduction to VR development for architects.


London, United Kingdom, 2017-06-28


This one day conference in the British museum in is organized by AEC Magazine, one of the best sources for quality articles/news about design tech. NXT BLD is focused on emerging technologies, such as Virtual and Augmented reality, Artificial Intelligence, Generative Design and Digital Fabrication. It’s a sponsored invited event but you can also subscribe if you are interested to attend the conference.

I have been asked to share my thoughts about the evolution of design technology and how tools like my application ArchiSpace can help to make our future of digital design more immersive.

BILT North America

Toronto, Canada, 2017-08-03 til 2017-08-05


This leading design tech conference used to be all about Revit but now focusses on all technologies and workflows needed for the design, construction and management of buildings. In 2015 I joined this conference in Washington and met some great and skilled new people. You can read all about that conference in my previous post.

I will be speaking about Revit workflows during design competitions and how to improve the design-team coordination and efficiency by work-sharing and automating the generation of non-standard architectural deliverables.

BILT Europe

Aarhus, Denmark, 2017-10-05 till 2017-10-07


This is the European version of BILT (formally called RTC) that I visited last year in Porto. It will be a three day event about the latest technology, tips, tricks and workflows to enhance your use of software.

In this talk I will take you trough the steps of creating your own VR application with a game engine (Unity3d) and discuss the workflows, tools and concepts needed to start developing a personalized interactive VR application from your Revit models.

VR days Europe

Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2017-10-25 till 2017-10-27


This event is all about the latest trends and developments of virtual reality for entertainment, movie and enterprise solutions.

I’ve been asked to talk about virtual reality in the architecture industry and will give a brief overview of our current architectural 3D technologies, how we use VR at Mecanoo and how I envision VR to be used within our industry showing my design application.

Are you planning to visit any of these conferences?  I look forward to meet you all here and hope my talks can inspire architects and professionals to embrace or improve their use of design technologies.

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